Shipyard Services

The type of shipyard support we can provide naturally varies based on the type of shipyard that requires our assistance.

A shipyard specialised in boat building may require our support to prepare craft for delivery to the client, to transfer them for shipment via ship, for events or for post-sale support, for warranty services and more.

An external shipyard importer/distributor in Italy might request our assistance to unload craft from aboard ships and prepare them for delivery, perform cleaning, assembly, etc., or to provide its customers with the opportunity to customise their craft in Italy, with the certainty that they can also count on technical support staff capable of providing advice and working alongside customers to help them choose from among different possible options post-sale.

Shipyards which offer boat storage, repairs and alterations might request our services simply to clean bilges, systems areas, engine rooms, etc., or else to ask us to perform high-quality operations, provide technical support, wash the craft prior to delivery once work is complete or, in order not to “impose upon” the boat owner, transfer the craft within the shipyard or bring it back to its mooring.

In short, we can help you to do an even better job!

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