Craft Transfers

CSN has always offered its customers this service.

CSN is available to carry out transfers of sailing or motor craft to meet all needs, including with its own temporary number plate, and to prepare your craft for transfer, including over land.

Since we are specialised, we can offer our Customers peace of mind and punctuality when we are entrusted with transferring their craft.
The number of crew members is determined based on the size of the craft being transferred and the type of transfer that is to be performed. Moreover, transfers can be carried out using the craft’s own ship’s papers or using our temporary number plate, which authorises us to sail as far from the coastline as we wish.

Being able to find your boat waiting at your holiday locale and leaving it there when you depart means that you have more time to enjoy your stay there.

It might also happen that you need to transfer your craft, but your ship’s papers are not all in order...

As of today, you’ll no longer have to waste your time bringing your craft to the shipyard and returning it to its mooring once maintenance is complete.

There could be a number of reasons why you would have to transfer a craft from one port to another, or even within the same port.

It is convenient for a boat owner, who does not have time to spare, to have his craft transferred from its mooring to the shipyard for storage. Bringing a craft to the meeting point with the ship on which it is to be loaded for shipping abroad is a service that we perform both for shipping agents and for some of the big Italian shipyards, such as Ferretti, Azimut, Mochi, Pershing, etc.

We also conduct sea trials as a service to our Customers in the event of new or used boat sales; we also provide testing following mechanical or other sorts of maintenance, etc.


Princess 95 Antibes – Savona
Pershing 80 Fano – Palma de Mallorca
Swan 47 Genoa – Porto Cervo R/T
Bertram 25 Genoa – Stintino
Custom Line 112 Ancona – Monte Carlo
Azuree 46 Genoa –  Antibes
Riva 52 Rivale La Spezia – St. Tropez R/T
Azimut 68 Castellamare di Stabia  – Genoa
Fiart 35 Genoa – Gulf of Marinella R/T
Itama 75 La Spezia – Cannes R/T
Baltic 38 Genoa – Cannigione R/T
Fairline 42 Portorosa Riviera – Genoa
CCS 31 Nibani Genoa – Barcelona R/T
Swan 57 Genoa – Ibiza
Bertram 31 Porto Cervo – Genoa
Aprea mare 9 open Olbia – Genoa
Ferretti 500 Viareggio – Naples
Cigarette 38 Genoa – Cap-d'Ail
Elan 50 Genoa – Livorno
Mochi 44 La Spezia – Cannes R/T
Sunseeker 62 Portorosa – Genoa
Ferretti 881 La Spezia – Genoa
Azimut 68 Antibes – Savona
Prestige 500 fly Viareggio – Genoa
Itama 62 La Spezia – Cannes R/T
Pershing 92 La Spezia – Ille Les Ambiez
Catana 50 Genoa Costa Smeralda R/T

...and many, many more!

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