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Skippers, sailors, cleaning and onboard sanitation personnel, materials and equipment. We have been present for years in all the main sector events, to provide complete assistance to our customers. A few examples:


For several years we have been preparing craft for exhibition and presentation to visitors at the Boat Show on behalf of the most important boat builders on the market, such as FERRETTI, RIVA, MOCHI, BERTRAM, TIARA, VIKING, ALBEMARLE, CUSTOM LINE, PERSHING, etc. Our job consists of rendering the craft absolutely impeccable through thorough cleaning and delivering the highest standard of quality. We carry out our operations before and during the event. On the occasion of the Boat Show, our staff grows considerably, which is why we hold selections and provide a special course for service personnel a few months beforehand.

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In association with the Ferretti Group, which made available a number of beautiful Riva model yachts, we provided our support and qualified personnel to sail the guests, bride and groom across Lake Maggiore for the CASIRAGHI BORROMEO wedding.


We are responsible for cleaning the craft for exhibition to the public at the Cannes Yachting Festival and ensuring they remain clean throughout. The service we provide is essential, since the craft must be impeccable. On this occasion, we also provide support for the sea trials conducted daily, which allow our clients to offer something extra to customers interested in purchasing the craft on show. Our staff consists of professionals, able to perform the finest docking manoeuvres, whatever the size of the craft.


Events by the FERRETTI GROUP are very important. The settings chosen for them are places such as Monte Carlo, Portofino, Port Cantò, St. Tropez, etc. It is essential for the excellence of international yachting and the company's clients that the craft on show be impeccably clean prior to and throughout these events. Our services for these events include support for sea trials, conducted daily in order to offer something extra to customers interested in purchasing the craft on show. The personnel on duty must be competent and professional, capable of performing the finest docking manoeuvres, whatever the size of the craft.

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