Restorations, Repairs, Support


The experience accrued over the years and the professionalism of CSN’s personnel, combined with its cooperation with the top industry craftsmen working in Genoa, have allowed us to put together a team of expert staff capable who will research or design, build, modify, repair and/or replace any component of your craft, whether it be a sailing craft, a motor craft, wooden, fibreglass, aluminium or steel.

When the nature of the problem allows, CSN can work on your craft directly at its mooring or, otherwise, at a shipyard selected based on the requirements of the job and availability at the time.

In addition to carrying out work directly, CSN also oversees work carried out by others, using its experience to organise logistics, coordinating personnel and assisting with decision-making in real time. The suppliers our company works with ensure a vast range of choices and alternatives, whatever the product required. By operating in this fashion and maintaining an open dialogue with the Customer, we are able to shorten the time required to complete jobs, reduce the possibility of error and decrease costs.

On the section of our site entitled WORKS you will find a large selection of photographs of work we have done!

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