Fuel analysis and cleaning

The addition of biodisel in diesel fuel in recent years has caused an increase in bacterial contamination as it has both a "living substrate" and water inside, allowing a very rapid reproduction of bacteria and microorganisms.

The problem basically manifests itself in the generation of black-colored algae with a rubbery consistency that over time clogs the filters and fuel system.

It is possible to know if there are bacteria in the tank of our boat by taking a sample of diesel from the bottom and doing a quick chemical analysis.

Prevention is important as proliferation increases exponentially when the fuel increases in temperature, i.e. in the summer and in any case when the boat is used, the unburned fuel that returns to the tank is hot ...

This can be useful to avoid the risk of having to face long and demanding interventions in the middle of your cruise to fuel systems and fuel tanks.

Regardless of the aforementioned prevention, we are equipped to carry out on-board fuel filtration interventions. This operation, together with the use of suitable chemical products, make the intervention extremely effective, where it is not possible to disassemble and unload the tank (s) for manual cleaning.