Cleaning, Sanitation, Sterilisation


We use pH neutral, biodegradable and ecological detergents to wash the outside of your craft in a way that respects nature: a scrubbing brush, a sponge, a chamois and some elbow grease complete the kit that the sailors in charge of this task require.

External washing means cleaning the deck of the fly cockpit, etc., and comes in two gradations: standard and complete. The complete method is more meticulous and includes cleaning and drying the lockers, external upholstery, canopies and awnings, steel or aluminium deck equipment, outdoor refrigerators, etc.

The topside exterior is washed using a rubber dinghy of a size suitable for moving easily between boats and reaching every spot on the surface that needs to be cleaned.


The interior cleaning of the craft is carried out using specific products for every requirement: the hard surfaces, the “sky”, the toilets, etc. We also use PVC vacuum cleaners (which do not rust or cause damage).
Standard interior cleaning means all the interior parts of the craft. A complete cleaning of the interior includes, in addition to vacuum cleaning, a meticulous cleaning of the toilets, heads, mirrors, showers, drawers, lockers, doors, refrigerators, cooktops, beds, closets, portholes and hatches, etc.


The sterilisation of interiors is recommended for anyone who has bought a used boat and does not wish to settle for just a meticulous cleaning, or for those who have allergies to dust mites or parasites in general. Naturally, sterilisation must be preceded by a complete cleaning of the interior, after which drawers, doors, closets, lockers, etc. are left open, since sterilisation is achieved by saturating the environment with a product used in medical facilities to sterilise operating rooms or hospital environments in general: PARAFORMALDEHYDE.

Based on the size of the spaces that require sterilisation, suitable amounts of reagents are combined, causing the formation of this gas, which kills every form of parasite or dust mite present.

Microbiological testing
Video Inspection
Remediation and Sanitisation


Slipcovers, mattress covers, sheets, curtains, towels, hand towels and anything else that requires laundering is removed from the boat, taken to the laundry facility and then returned to its place on the craft.


At the Customer's request, we can wash or clean any part or fitting of a craft, so as to maintain them in good working order and allow for a more pleasant experience using them, for instance:

  • decking and various other parts in teak
  • tenders
  • sails
  • anchor-chain wells
  • anchor chains
  • fresh-water tanks
  • grey-water tanks
  • black-water tanks
  • fenders
  • carpets
  • mooring stoppers
  • summer and winter awnings
  • various types of canopies
  • bilges
  • engine compartments
  • fuel tanks
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