Sanitary and related systems

When we talk about health interventions we usually think of the worst thing ... but fortunately this is not always the case. Carrying out proper maintenance by replacing some parts, completely changing your toilet with a more modern one, or simply cleaning the components thoroughly requires knowledge and professionalism. Apparently the toilets all look the same but there can be important differences between one and the other. Electric, manual, impeller, vacuum, fresh water or sea water rinse, with built-in bidet, in ceramic, carbon, with backlit touch control panels, up to the very sophisticated Tecma E-Breeze with built-in bidet electronic programmable and usable from the remote control, with massage function, heated seat, drying and hot water with adjustable temperature, it is really a jungle of increasingly sophisticated systems and systems in which only a professional can extricate themselves.

The current Tecma liquid transfer systems are extremely reliable, the best known is certainly the Sanisplit in the two versions NK and NKS with stainless steel case.

In conclusion, the CSN is always ready to give a service up to the situation where sometimes, even for a single toilet, a team of plumbers, electricians, computer scientists, etc ... is needed.